Dream Chaser

Most of you who know me personally or who follow my Instagram know that my husband and I bought ourselves a 1988 Ford Club Wagon van. As you can see from the photo, she’s a real beauty 😉 You have to give the old lady some credit though, she has no rust on her. But anyway, Dan and I both feel like God has called us to live out our ‘great adventure’. The perfect plan will be to head out in October and travel around this amazing country God gave us. How long will we travel? We’re not really sure. Dan and I both have become professionals in the field of “winging it” and I kind of love that about us. Wherever and however long God wants us to be on the road, well I guess that’s how long we’ll be crusin’ in our bad lad van.

Now this ‘great adventure’ I’m talking about is something that God wants for every single one of us. He wants us to experience the world He gave us, love the people around us and take chances every time He puts a door in front of us. I know for me, I’m working really hard on saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity that comes my way. Even if I crash and burn (which I’ve already done dozens of times) at least I know that I can officially close that door and walk through another. God calls us to be fearless and that doesn’t come easily. I think the more you say yes and the more chances you take, the easier it gets. I know for me personally, I’ve tried and failed so many times in the last few years. My first failure was the worst, I was embarrassed, I worried what other people thought, I was mad about the money I lost and thought I wasted my time. But you know what? I’m proud of my failures because it brings me closer to my God given calling everyday. It also gets easier to fail when you’ve already crashed and burned and know what to expect.

It’s such a natural instinct to worry about what others think. Telling people you’re going to live in a van, pee in the woods and hopefully not starve was something I really didn’t want to tell certain people (lol). I knew their reactions would be like, “what did you just say?” or “yeah, ok, that’ll never happen”. But when it comes down to the important stuff, all that matters is what God calls me to do and that my husband is on board (& luckily he’s the most supportive guy I know). Same goes for you too. When you drown out the noise of others, what is God putting on your heart to do? When it’s just you and Him, what makes you come alive? You really have to listen because God sometimes speaks very quietly.

I know for me, I get this vision in my mind of how I want my life to go and when my vision doesn’t go exactly as I had pictured I’m like, this totally sucks. God doesn’t have the same exact vision as we always do. But His plan is always way better than anything we could think up. Be open to plans changing, to dreams being put on hold a little longer than you wanted. But always know there’s something better right around the corner. Don’t be scared to step out of the box and go after your God given calling. He gave YOU the calling for YOU to fulfill it. You’re more amazing than you know, so go chase those dreams and then crush them.


Side note here- you may be wondering what happened to WaitKristiWaite and my old posts. Well, I didn’t truly love what I was posting and what my old blog was all about. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be posting about fashion, encouragement, now van life and marriage posts, but I’m really going to give it my all. For me that meant new posts, a new name and a fresh start. So, I hope you like the new ‘me’!


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