Trusting God

Trusting God. Yep, it’s that one thing we know we’re supposed to always do, but it seems like it’s one of the hardest things to do. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 27 years of life, it’s that life will always take you by surprise. You really have to roll with the punches. You may think you have your life all squared away just the way you’ve always wanted it and then bam, your world seems to turn upside down. Now, our first reaction is usually something along the lines of; anger, annoyance, sadness or confusion. Like, um hey God, why did ya do that? I’ve literally talked to God like that. We know God wants us to be joyful, but we forget He knows what’s best & He’s handling our stress and struggles as we sit there confused about them.

I had a rough few years when my parent’s divorced. I was an adult too and remember thinking, oh I’m cool, this is no big deal. Wrong. I pretended everything was fine while I had no clue what the heck I was doing with my life and was struggling hard with anxiety. During those times I remember thinking, ‘ok God, now is the time to make my problems poof into thin air’ because God is like a genie and all, right? 😉

I remember being so mad at God. If God truly wanted me to be happy then why did I feel so horrible? When your world feels like it’s crumbling, that’s when you doubt the only constant thing in life- Jesus. It’s so easy to do. In those moments when you feel alone, that’s when you need to cling to the one thing you know is true. God’s promises to you. He wants you to be joyful, He wants you to fulfill what makes your heart happy (He gave you those gifts!) and He wants you to know that He is always there and that in time, you WILL understand why you go through what you do.

‘To trust God in the light is nothing, but trust Him in the dark–that is faith’ C.H. Spurgeon

Maybe you’ll be able to help someone else going through the same hardship, maybe God is giving you wisdom and discernment or maybe it’s time to close one door and open another. A better one. Whatever hardship you may be facing right now, don’t forget to trust that big guy upstairs. It’s hard and may seem confusing at the time, but it’s worth it. He’ll show you what you need to know, where you need to go & who you’re supposed to be. I mean, you’re supposed to be awesome, so don’t get discouraged! You got this!

‘One day you will wake up and all of the waiting will have made sense. You will realize that all of your prayers that seemed to be tangled in worries were actually wrapped tightly in God’s grace. You will realize that even though before, you were certain it was over you were actually…okay and everything that was supposed to happen happened and you are right where you need to be’ Morgan Harper- Nichols


I hope you all have a kick booty week! I’m thankful for you! xoxo



2 thoughts on “Trusting God

  1. Thank you for posting this! I’ve needed something like this, I have been so stressed and sad about me not knowing what career path I want to take in college and I want to have a degree but I can’t find a school and makes me feel like I will never have a good life but trusting God is very important. Loved this post!


    1. I so know how you feel and it can be so stressful!! I promise you will figure it out. You have an awesome plan for you and it will all pan out perfectly. Just keep walking through those open doors, pretty gal!


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