How to grow an engaged Instagram following

I get this question a lot! First, let me start off by saying I don’t have a huge following on Instagram but I do receive decent engagement. I figured I could at least give you a few nuggets as to how you can grow your Instagram following with followers who actually love following & engaging with you. Growing my following has been a ton of trial and error, so this is what I have learned along the way 🙂

Be YOU! The more people feel like they know you as a person & know what you’re all about, the easier it’ll be to find your ‘target market’ or your ‘people’. There are a million fashion bloggers out there and so many are alike- you need to have something that sets you apart! That could be witty captions, funny instastories, talking about your faith etc. Whatever makes you, you!

Engage! The more time you spend commenting and liking other pages similar to yours, the easier it’ll be to grow and for people to find your page. I spend about an hour a day commenting, liking and following other accounts that I love. Also, don’t forget to respond to comments and DM’s on your page! Always have to be engaging!

Tag! Don’t forget to tag who you’re wearing. Getting shared on other pages is a great way for people to find you!

Hashtag! I know hash-tagging is kind of annoying, but it does work. I personally add my hashtags in a separate caption, that way they don’t take away from the caption people see first. You can tag a few basic hashtags but always try and hashtag a few niche ones as well. The less hashtags there are for that specific one, the easier it’ll be for people to see your post!

Be consistent! With Instagram’s new algorithm (so annoying lolz) it’s really important to be consistent. Make sure you’re posting at least once a day. You can play with what time works best for you and your followers,

Make a cohesive page! For people seeing your page for the first time, it has to look pretty snazzy 😉 The easiest way to do that is by using a similar filter for each post. I personally love VSCO & Snapseed!


Put the time in! If you want your Instagram to be something fun you do as a hobby, then you don’t have to worry so much about putting a ton of time in. But if you’re looking to make money and possibly make it your sole income or use it as a side gig, then you’re going to have to put full time work into it. You get out what you put in! But that’s with anything in life. There’s your life lesson for the day 😉

Last one. Don’t get discouraged! It’s super easy to let Instagram and number of followers get you down in the dumps. You may post an awesome picture and it gets 1,000 likes and then you may post a just as awesome post and it only gets 200. It’s confusing but you just keep going! Keep posting what YOU love, be consistent and always respond to comments and DM’s. It may take a few but you’ll get where you want to be!

I hope this helps! Have an awesome weekend! xoxo


6 thoughts on “How to grow an engaged Instagram following

  1. Thanks so much for this, I am trying to build my following and these tips really helped because I really want people to follow me because they enjoy my content, and I want to create a community or hub within my social media following. Makes me more inclined to, and comfortable sharing content also. Look forward to reading more 🙂


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