What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I wanted to write a happy and encouraging post about being thankful on Thanksgiving because, you know, that’s what it’s all about. & food. Lots and lots of food. Anyways back to the important part- I asked my friends, family, Insta-friends and Facebook friends what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving and here are some of their responses 🙂

‘God’s miracles. My son is proof that prayers get answered and He is listening. Many prayers have saved my son and now I have the chance to watch him grow’ -Brooke

‘I’m thankful that I’m able to do what I love every day and that I get to travel the world and share my experiences with people through my blog’ -Megan

‘I’m thankful for my family and friends and for all the opportunities God has given me here. Of all the things I was given, I am especially grateful for Jesus’ love and sacrifice. Well there are just so many things to be grateful for and I never let myself forget that’ -Marina

‘Fuzzy socks and my family of course!’ -Hey girl fashion

‘So dang thankful for sweatpants. And Jesus!’ -Bailey

‘Thankful for this year. It’s taught me so much! And helped me grow closer to Christ’ -Kate

‘I’m thankful for the amazing people in my life that I call my support system. I’ve been going through some health issues the last two years and my boyfriend and family/friends are my positivity and keep me happy’ -Erika 

‘Tea, family, you (she was talking about me, so sweet!!) and love’ – Lindsay

‘Thankful for an amazing God that loves me unconditionally! And for the best family ever! God is so good! – Kami 

‘I am thankful for my warm fury animals that keep me warm. My home that has a roof that doesn’t leak and windows that close. My truck that is reliable and still has lots of miles to go. My stereo that plays just the music I like, that helps me sleep through the night. But most of all, I am thankful for my big extended family that God blessed me with to share my life with’ -Dana

‘I am thankful to have a job where I have the opportunity to coach and influence young people; to be better, hard working, disciplined, and I hope through that I can plant small seeds to help shape them to be successful adults! I am also thankful for my supportive family, encouraging friends, my college education and to have a loving/caring God no matter my situation! -Ashley

‘I am thankful for my amazing husband, a perfect God who loves me no matter what, family that loves me for me, the cutest doggos in the world (nope, not biased), the opportunity to wake up every morning to drink a cup of coffee and I’m thankful that there’s less than a month until the The Last Jedi comes out ;)’ – me, Kristi

‘The Holy Spirit, family and sunshine’ – Sue

‘I’m thankful for my family’ – Nicole

‘God, my family, my fur babies, the ability to love life to the fullest, and the happiness we are given each day’ – Hannah


I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving and eat soooo much yummy food! I also hope these happy and encouraging “I’m thankful for” quotes from fellow friends and followers put you in the thankful spirit! You’re awesome. xoxo




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