Stepping out of your comfort zone

Following that dream that keeps you up at night is not always easy. Just because God puts something on your heart, that doesn’t mean He won’t pull you out of your comfort zone and place you smack dab in the unknown. Most of the time that’s exactly what He’s going to do. Dan and I are officially making that first step to following our dreams and I’m super stinken excited with a wee bit of nervousness.

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know Dan and I bought a van to take out west. We initially wanted to head out in October but that obviously didn’t pan out, so we’re taking the leap beginning of February! Ah! I mean holy crap, two months is going to fly by! We both know if we don’t just do, we’ll never do it. It’s so easy to get stuck in the hamster wheel of life that it feels like you can’t get out. Well we’re getting out (insert nervous giggle here).

We’re headed to Montana first, with just our van, our two dogs, each other and some clothes/snowboarding gear. We plan on staying with family and friends for a month or two because, um, I don’t want to die of hypothermia living in the van throughout the winter 😉 & it’ll be nice to ‘get our feet wet’ out west before we 100% live out of the van.

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I know that Dan and I are supposed to do this. I mean how often do you meet another human with the same dreams as you? However, I can’t help but already miss my family, feel a little guilty leaving everyone and a little nervous because financially we’re taking a huge risk. But if there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that God provides when you’re walking in His will. 

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing you’re on your God given path. I say that because I know I’m on mine, but don’t take that the wrong way. Walking on my God given path doesn’t mean I make tons of money, know what everyday will bring and live in this perfect world without sadness and stress. It just means that I’m content in life- I know I don’t want to become stagnant, I know I want to travel the country even if we’re only gone for a few months, I know I want to tell everyone about Jesus and I know I want to love on as many people and animals as possible. That’s my God give path, pretty crazy huh? 😉

All you need to do to find your calling is to pray and listen. You have to listen if you want to hear God’s voice (I’ve never heard Him audibly, so don’t go thinking I’m that awesome lol). Then, you take the first step. The first step is always the hardest. You’re worried about finances, what people will think, failing, losing stability, feeling uncomfortable and just feeling downright scared. God will never take you away from something and give you something worse. His plan for YOU is more amazing than you can even fathom. So, if you’ve been thinking about moving, working towards a better job, getting a degree, starting a business or whatever, take that first step! It can be as small as researching, making a rough draft business plan or just checking out housing prices in a different state or country, you just have to take the step.

I’m in a cycle of excitement and nervousness. When the nerves kick in, I just remind myself that God has Dan and I, He’s always guiding us as long as we’re listening and He won’t let us down. We may get out there and fail, but we know failing is part of the game. You get back up and you go after your dreams again. Going after your dreams and failing is better than not going after your dreams at all.

I’ll keep you all updated on our adventure! We’re taking the first step, so prayers are always welcome over here 🙂 Thank you for following along! You’re all awesome.




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