How to make money using Instagram

There are a few ways to make money utilizing your Instagram. You may think you need a million followers in order to start making money but I can promise you that’s not true. Whether you have 500 followers or 100,000 followers there are certain avenues you can take to either make a little side money or use Instagram as your full time gig. Now, the more followers you have the easier it’ll be BUT if you have engaged followers who love you and love your content then you can totally make money as well!

The #1 factor when it comes to making money online (no matter what social media avenue you’re using) is engagement. You want your followers to engage in your posts & you want them to relate to you and feel like you’re friends even though you’ve probably never met. For example- if you’re selling a product and marketing your goodies via Instagram, you want 100 engaged followers who absolutely love you! That way when you launch a new product or start selling, you know you’ll have 100 buyers. You could have 1000 Instagram followers but have 100 dedicated supporters and you’d be all set! It makes growing your Instagram seem less intimidating if you think of it that way. So, if you’re not selling a product here are a few other ways you can make some dough!

Sponsored Posts- This is how I make most of my money via Instagram. Now a sponsored post is when you reach out (usually sending a media kit) to a company or the company reaches out to you and you both come to a mutual agreement. You both will discuss pricing, creative ideas, posting dates & branding. It’s really easy to want to jump on every sponsored opportunity that comes your way, but be careful when picking and choosing. Make sure the company/brand fits your feed, fits you, fits your demographic and will be something your followers will also enjoy. If you start sharing sponsored posts that aren’t relative to you and what you’re all about people aren’t going to trust you as an influencer/blogger.

Affiliate Links- This is a biggie for a lot of fashion influencers and bloggers. I’m sure you’ve seen on your Instagram feed. Bloggers use (RewardStyle) because they pay “per action”. A blogger is paid a set percentage for each sale they convert. So let’s say a blogger refers you to purchase a $50 sweater. You purchase the sweater which gives the blogger an 8% commission rate (just making that number up) the blogger will then be paid $4 for that referral.

Website Ads- I personally don’t use website ads but some do. If you click on an ad that runs on someone’s website, the site owner is paid a referral fee for every click.

Cosigning Clothes- This is an easy way for Instagrammers to make some extra money. Since most fashion bloggers are gifted lots of clothing and accessories, they’ll eventually want to start selling some of their goodies to make room for the new stuff. Poshmark or using your InstaStories is a great way to sell unwanted items.

**Just like with any business, making money takes time. I didn’t start making money through Instagram or my blog until about a year or so ago. It takes a ton of time, effort and creative juices to start making consistent money, but it’s definitely doable! If you’re wanting to start a blog or an influential Instagram page, don’t get discouraged. It takes time to get where you want to be. Don’t compare yourself to any of the other girls out there. Just be you and use your skills to market yourself and your page. The money and the followers will come if you stay true to you!

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