How I edit my Instagram photos

I get asked how I edit my Instagram photos all the time! So, I’m going to try and break it down for you all. Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll know how to get a very similar look as I have on my Instagram feed!


First off, you need to purchase Lightroom. I believe you can buy Lightroom right now for $9.99/mo. Not bad! If you’re someone who uses social media to market your business or brand, you’re embarking on photography or want to better your photography skills or you just love the look of creative, stand out photos, Lightroom is an amazing tool!

Once you purchase Lightroom, you’re going to have to purchase one more thing. I currently use the Tezza04 filter as my base for all my photos. You can buy this same filter by heading to her Instagram page @tezzamb! Eventually, I would like to make my own filters/presets but for right now this is a great way for me to practice using Lightroom and to get a feel for what I like and don’t like. If you’re new to editing in Lightroom, you’d probably love to start this way as well!


Once you have Lightoom and your Tezza04 preset, you can start to get creative (which is of course the best part). The preset I use is just a base. Once you add your preset to the photo you’re wanting to edit, you can literally change anything about it: exposure, contrast, tones, clarity, vibrance etc. I never put a filter/preset on a photo and just leave it as is.

There are a few things I always change after adding a filter. The exposure, shadows, whites, vibrance and clarity all need to be adjusted. Depending on how bright or dark your photo is, these five things will almost always need to be tweaked. But the way you tweak them will more than likely be different for every photo. It’s really all about preference when tweaking a photo. Some creators like bright photos, some like moody, some like warm tones, some like cool tones, some like slight changes to a photo and others like drastic. It’s really all up to you and what catches your eye!

Now the best part about Lightroom is adjusting your color mixer. This is where you can pick a specific color in your photo, like red, and adjust the hue, saturation and vibrance of all the red elements in your shot. If you want the sky to be more blue, just click ‘blue’ on your color mixer and up the hue and vibrance. Super easy & awesome! This is where you can play around and really make a photo your own!

The last thing I do to almost every photo I share on Instagram is use the app Afterlight to add a ‘dusty’ filter. I think it just gives each shot a little something extra for the eye to look at & I really like how it makes the photo look less perfect.


Well there ya have it! That’s how I edit all my photos on Instagram. I’m sure in the future I’ll find something I like more & I’ll want to spice things up again, but for right now this is the ‘feel’ I really like for my content! I hope this helps you figure out what kind of vibe you want for your feed and maybe you learned something new too?! At least I hope you did!

Have the best week ever! xoxo




4 thoughts on “How I edit my Instagram photos

  1. Do you just use a phone for taking the actual photos then? And once you save the photo in lightroom how do you transfer it back to your phone so you can edit with Afterlight?


    1. Yep! All my Instagram photos are taken with my iPhone. If you download the Lightroom app on your phone you can sync it to your desktop Lightroom which will automatically save all desktop Lightroom photos right onto your phone! Then I edit with Afterlight!


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