Packing for van life

I know, I know, Dan and I have said multiple times we’re going to head out and live in the van. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that plans always change. You can plan your little heart out and bam, God throws a big ole curve ball at ya. But hey, He knows best so it’s ok. Any who, this time around is a pretty big deal. We have to be out of our place the last day of March. Yeah, the last day of March! I’m surprisingly calm at this very moment, but that could totally change (*insert nervous laugh*). Seriously though, my big hurdle these last couple months has been truly truly truly trusting God. I mean, trusting Him with every fiber of my being and that can be so hard sometimes! I know for a fact that Dan and I are doing the right thing by getting out, experiencing new things, finding what’s important in life, probably failing here and there but hopefully succeeding right after. This is a huge change for us!


So in a nut shell, we’re going to be homeless. That sounds horrible, let’s call it Jesus seeking wanderers. Yeah, that sounds way cooler. How does one pack for such a minimalist lifestyle? Well, I’m figuring that out right now! I’ll start by saying, holy crap, it is not easy picking and choosing what you want to take, what you want to get rid of and what you want to store for the future.

My closet. Ah yes, what a joy that was. Honestly, it really wasn’t that bad! I tried to purge things I never wear or only wear occasionally. I did keep a few cocktail dresses though for future weddings and parties. Take a look at this before and after and hey, don’t judge me 😉

I know, the before looked like a bomb went off but let’s focus on the after shall we? I still have too much stuff to bring BUT I purged about 8 bags full of clothes and it felt amazing! Even if you’re not embarking on a minimalist lifestyle, getting rid of clothes that don’t serve a purpose anymore is such a good feeling. Now I actually know what I have, what I need more of and the types of clothes that look best on me and are comfy but cute. I’m a practical gal. I’m learning that I don’t need 17 pairs of jeans. One pair of dark wash jeans, one light wash and a black pair is more than enough. Or t-shirts, why do I have 57 tees? I kept a black tee, a white tee and a couple colored tees. One cute jacket, a couple sweatshirts/sweaters and a few dresses seem to be all I need. It’s like when you pack 800 things for a vacation and wear one outfit the entire time. I’m trying to find a few of those outfits that I want to wear constantly. Now I’m keeping all my panties because we all know, I’m going to need all the clean panties I can get my hands on 😉 or butt on 😉

My closet has been the biggest hurdle and I’m getting there. Besides clothes, we’re obviously slimming down all of our pantries. We’re bringing a couple plates, a couple bowls, our tea kettle, a pan, a pot, silverware, a spatula, a wooden spoon, the basics, just the basics.

I’ve already slimmed down all of our toiletries. I don’t want to look like a total bum in the van (I mean, I am still technically a newlywed) so I’m bringing my makeup, all my face goodies and some quick and easy hair products (all hail dry shampoo) so I don’t look like a grease ball.

Yes, I’m bringing our two dogs. So many of you have asked that and I just can’t leave them behind. I mean they’re my babies for goodness sake. I’m sure it’ll make things a little more complicated but they need to experience the country too 😉

Dan and I are planning on traveling for a couple months to start off. We’re heading up north (Michigan up north) for the month of April & then heading down south May-June. We have a wedding in July, so we have to be back in the mitten by then. This will be a good test run to see what we love about van life, what we hate, what we should’ve brought, what we don’t need etc. We may love it, we may hate it, but either way we’re giving it a whirl and its definitely going to be an adventure! How do you know if you don’t like something unless you actually try it? As we get going, I’ll keep you all posted!

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