Why live in a van?

Why live in a van? Trust me, I’ve asked myself this question multiple times. Why would a gal give up 90% of her clothes (you all know I love my clothes), a toilet, shower and a nice cozy couch to live in a tiny space with no bathroom (I’m really going to learn to love buckets and public restrooms lol)? Well, I actually have a few reasons!


A couple years ago, Dan and I started throwing around the idea of living in a van. We both were and are still trying to grow our businesses, so we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of money to travel the traditional way. You know, fly somewhere, get a hotel room and rent a car, so we knew we would have to go the more ‘hippie’ route. & that’s where the van idea came into play.

Being able to see this awesome world God created is super important to us. We’ve only traveled a few times, and in our minds, how do we know where we want to ‘plant roots’ if we’ve only been to a few states? There are so many amazing things to see and we want to see them!

We bought our 88 Ford van right before we got married. Yep, it’s older than me! Side note- if you guys have a good name for her (I think it’s a her) comment below! In a perfect world, we would love a VW van, but our white creeper van will get the job done 😉

In order for us to pull this van life off, Dan and I shared the van as our one vehicle right after we got married. Have to save money wherever you can, ya know? A few other ways we saved a little moolah was by only cooking at home, cutting back on clothes shopping and turning down weekend outings. It wasn’t always ideal but it really wasn’t too bad! When you’re saving money, you really learn some creative ways to have fun. Dan and I are both really lucky to have the ability to work remote/from home right now. We don’t make a ton of money but we’re happy where we’re at and we’re excited to see where this adventure takes us.

We’re outfitting the van right now. Trying to figure out what we need, and can fit in the van, and what we need to get rid of. It’s been tough! As of right now, we’ll obviously have our full sized mattress in there. We want to build a platform for it so we can build some drawers for storage underneath. Besides that, we have a collapsible sink, a two burner propane stove, our cast iron skillet and a bunch of random essentials.


We still have SO much to do in the next couple weeks but we’re finally getting there! We’re taking the first steps and that’s all that matters 🙂 I’ll keep you all updated as we continue to outfit the inside of the van! We’re also starting to figure out a road trip plan, which is obviously the most exciting part! Right now we have a couple plans we’re throwing around. Depending on the weather, we want to head out in May and travel around the Upper Peninsula (Michigan) and then make our way back down and head down south. Hopefully hit the Carolina’s, Georgia and Alabama. If the weather in the UP is still cold and possibly snowy, we’ll head out in May and go straight down south. We have to head back to Michigan in July for a wedding so May-June will be a nice practice round for van life. Later in the summer is when we plan on heading out west!

Our plan for van life is to have no plan (lol), so these plans may change as we get going. My goal for this season of life is to grow closer to God & Dan, learn what’s truly important in life and just learn to enjoy every day no matter what it may bring. I’m excited for you all to follow along and appreciate you so much!


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