How to get out of a creative funk, or any other funk

I’ve fallen into a creative rut and I can’t get up. Life Alert commercial, anyone? 😉 The past week or two I’ve been in a serious funk. My creative juices are nowhere to be found, my productivity is lost and my motivation is apparently hiding. My engagement on Instagram has been low (probably because I’ve been slacking), I can’t think of cute, unique photos and when I think about blogging, I can’t think of anything to write about. Can anybody relate?

Well all get into ‘funks’. It’s not always a creative one. Sometimes it’s just a funky mood we can’t get out of, sometimes we get in a funk with our friends and family and sometimes we get into those funks where we just want to be a recluse and hide from the world.


When I hit funk season, I immediately get discouraged. You know what doesn’t help funk season? Getting discouraged. The best thing we can do is give ourselves GRACE. & a big ole dose of it. It happens to all of us, we all go through ups and downs when it comes to our jobs, our relationships, exercising, changing a bad habit etc. So why are we always so hard on ourselves?

Living in the world of social media and always playing the comparison game, we automatically look at someone’s virtual life that looks perfect on the outside and think they always have their crap together. Well, guess who always has their crap together? No one. Except maybe Dolly Parton. I love myself some Dolly Parton. Ok, back to business. We all have rough days. We all make mistakes. We all get moody for no reason. We all get in funks. And it’s okay.

Take a break, go for a walk, clear your mind, don’t forget how much Jesus loves you and don’t forget to count your blessings. The funk will pass and you’ll be back in business in no time. I’m talking to myself too!

“Earthly perfection is becoming better today than you were yesterday, give yourself some grace” Holland



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