The start of van life! First stop, Allegheny National Forest, PA

It has been a little over a week since we embarked on van life! We left not having much of a plan (we fly by the seed of our pants) besides knowing we were hitting the east coast. When we left Michigan, we knew we wanted to make it to PA for our first night. Where in PA? We weren’t quite sure. After driving for about six hours, it was getting dark, cold and rainy so we knew we needed to find a camping spot. We randomly picked Minister Creek campsite in the Allegheny National Forest. It was honestly kind of creepy driving up to the site. We were on Route 666 (lol, we dead), had zero cell service, we were in a state we were unfamiliar with, it was raining and pitch black out. We pulled up with a few heebie jeebies, we jumped out to pee and spent our first night in the van.

We woke up to the sun, and you guys, we picked the most amazing spot! We were right next to the river, there were no bugs and butterflies were flying around everywhere! I’m pretty sure we stayed in the most beautiful spot in PA. Thank ya, Lord.

Sipping coffee by the river, not having to worry about phone calls, texts or emails was such a great start to our trip. It was definitely a rustic campsite but I would recommend it to anyone! Dan and I can’t wait to come back! Oh, and this campsite was only $12/night! If you love camping, you NEED to go here!


We’re in New York now and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about this amazing state!


You’re awesome!!

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